Krispy Kreme’s Value Chain

My final post on value chains is an actual example. There are lots of posts on value chains but I don’t see many examples so I thought it would be interesting to quickly perform an analysis and show the final result. In this exercise we are going to be focusing on the internal value chain […]

Internal Value Chain Analysis Methodology

In the last post on value chains we looked at what a value chain is and what it is use for. In this post we are going to look at the steps involved in performing an internal value chain analysis. The methodology for constructing and using a value chain involves four steps: Step 1: Identify […]

In IT It Pays To Follow Not Lead

Just a quick thought today. I listened to a talk where the case was made to follow not lead when it comes to technology. The speaker gave the following reasons: Technology competitive advantage is usually temporary Delayed IT investments decrease your risk of buying-flawed or soon to be obsolete applications Following the leaders means you […]

Information Security to 2020

We had a superb speaker come in to present to us last night on Information Security. William Beer is a very passionate, engaging presenter from PWC and has a long history working in technology and technology security companies. In April 2010 he co-authored a research paper called Revolution or Evolution: Information Security 2020 which was […]

What Is Value Chain Analysis?

What is value chain analysis? The value chain, also known as value chain analysis, is a concept from business management that was first described and popularized by Michael Porter in his 1985 best-seller, Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance. It is an approach for breaking down the sequence (chain) of business functions into the […]

Analysis of Nichols Plc – Accounting Coursework

So my first piece of coursework for my MBA was an analysis of Nichols PLC in 1,200 words or less. You can read the full brief here. My first question was what does Nichols PLC do as I had never heard of them? Well a quick check of their annual report shows that the main […]

What Every COO Should Know About Their Business

Some more insights following on from my last blog post from John Devine. 1. You need to know/ develop the organisation strategy and deliver it In order to do this you need input and feedback loops (in order to calibrate) from the: Internal environment (risks, challenges, options) External environment (context, cycle, major risks, regulation) 2. […]

Tarsnap – Online Server Backups For The Paranoid

I have lost data so many times over the years that I know how valuable it is. If you are a service business then it is one of your main assets so I am very diligent about backing up all of my computers. But what about your servers? Most people realise the need to backup […]

Password and Paranoia – Which Encryption Method Is Best?

I did some client Unix system admin today and I found some text files with plain text passwords! I didn’t think that anyone would store their passwords in plain text so it got me thinking about encryption protocols. 1. Plain text If you are storing your passwords as plain text… stop it now! 2. MD5 […]

Bash Script To FTP Backup Your MySQL Server

I have just been configuring a client server and wrote a short bash script to back up their database server via FTP and I thought someone else might like to learn from the code. Configure the code below based on your server settings and add it to the cron tab to execute as often as […]