Recommendations to maximise Internet company value

The following recommendations have been drawn from the research targeting a range of stakeholder groups who are involved with publically listed companies. Management looking to maximise valuation should concentrate on growing revenues not cutting costs. While cost cutting may have some effect on market value, the data point to revenue as the dominant driver of […]

Internet value driver maturity model

Maturity models seem to be all the rage at the moment and as I did not want to be left out I have developed my own maturity model to model the relevance of different value drivers as Internet companies mature. The evidence for this model come from the following trends from my research: Internet companies […]

Value drivers for Internet business models

Analysing listed Internet companies as one homogenous group there is no doubt that revenue is the strongest predictor for Internet market value. In fact my research showed that the regression between revenue and market value had an R2 as high as 0.93. However an analysis at the disaggregated business model level reveals another story. In […]

Building a new Internet business model classification framework

After researching the current literature I found no universally accepted method of classifying Internet business models. It was also noted that classification frameworks were out of date and did not accommodate newer business models. Therefore I developed a new classification with the following criteria: It needed to accommodate new businesses such as Facebook and cloud […]

Classifying Internet business models

There are many business model classifications ranging from observed lists with no consistent classification criteria (e.g. Kotzberg 2001; Applegate 2001b; Eisenmann 2002; Laudon and Traver 2003; Rappa 2006), to a more systematic approach which classifies models using as few as two variables (Timmers 1998; Linder and Cantrell 2000) and as many as four variables (Weill […]

MBA Thesis – What drives Internet company valuation?

After many months of hard work I have submitted my thesis and can now reflect on the work I have done. My thesis titled What drives Internet company valuation? A business model approach to Internet value drivers was a combination of my passions of business strategy, business models and Internet companies. I will be publishing key parts […]

Reflections on my final year MBA at Cass business school

Last year I wrote a summary post of the first year of my MBA and all too quickly I have completed my final year at Cass Business School. I had my final elective last month and then an amazing trip to China to learn about their culture and approach to business.  China was a fitting end to […]

ECCO A/S – Global value chain management case study

My operations management coursework was based on the ECCO A/S – Global Value Chain Management case study which is an interesting paper on ECCO A/S (ECCO) who have been very successful in the footwear industry by focusing on production technology and assuring quality by maintaining full control of the entire value chain from “cow to shoe.”. ECCO […]

Reflections on my MBA first year at Cass business school

My friend Richard has an excellent blog called Cass Reflections if you have not read it, you should, he has an excellent writing style that draws you in. His blog inspired me to write a reflection of the first year of my executive MBA at Cass business school. What I have learned about an MBA […]